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 Ranks + Weapons List

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PostSubject: Ranks + Weapons List   Ranks + Weapons List Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 10:38 am

Ranks + Weapons.
Civil Protection Rank List:

RCT - 9mm Pistol
05 - 9mm Pistol
04 - 9mm Pistol, Granades
03 - 9mm Pistol, MP7, Granades.
02 - 9mm Pistol, MP7, Granades.
01 - 9mm Pistol, MP7, Granades.
OfC - 9mm Pistol, MP7, Granades.
EpU - 9mm Pistol, Shotgun/MP7, Granades.
DvL - Any type of weapon but not RPG and AR2.
SeC - Any type of weapon.

OverWatch Ranks:
ECHO - MP7/Pulse-Rifle/Shotgun, Health Kit, MP7/AR2/Shotgun Ammo.
EOW - Pulse-Rifle, Health Kit, Pulse Energy, Energy Ball.

Civil Protection Factions:

HELIX: Medical and Engineering Units.
UNION: Ration Distribution, Check Point Job.
GHOST: Sector Sweeps
JURY: Amputations
(NOTE: Any unit can Sector Sweep but GHOST is mostly choosen.)
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Ranks + Weapons List
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