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 Arresting Citizens, Adding Points and Public Amputating.

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Arresting Citizens, Adding Points and Public Amputating. Empty
PostSubject: Arresting Citizens, Adding Points and Public Amputating.   Arresting Citizens, Adding Points and Public Amputating. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2012 7:37 am

Hello, dear community. If you simply just don't know how to arrest and add points or even Public Amputate this is for you.

Arresting Citizens.
Arresting Citizens is a normal thing in Half-Life 2 Roleplay but horrible and boring thing when you're alone in there as a Citizen. First, The citizen needs to have atleast Level 2 Crime or Three times Level 1 Crime, After that you will just simply say Apply and check it out, Add information about what law he breaked and the points. You will find it here: [Only admins are allowed to see this link] now after you have readen this you can now arrest him by simply holding (R) on your stunstick to activate it but before you beat him you need to tie him so just do this: "/me takes out a zip-tie attempting to tie the citizen." then you ask like this ".// Resist?" If he does just simply do /roll and who has higher, will win. If he has not resisted just take out your stunstick and beat him and take him to detainmnet, But first you need to report it by using the radio so you can notify other units when to take the citizen out and if happens they will not take him out you will have to do it yourself.

Adding Points.
Crimes List with Points can be find here: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
OK, If you're reading this you may probably not know how to correcly add points, So first of all study the Crimes List you will have an time for it as an RCT. After it you will have to use this command to check his data: /viewdata (Firstname). Now you should see his list, If it is blank ask the citizen for his Citizen ID and add it there. Now you will just add the verdict and completely it should look like this EXAMPLE:

CID: #88450
Name: Jordan Clark
Points: 1
Running (+1)
+1 Point, Re-education.

Amputating and Public Amputating.
Now i will show you when and where to amputate Anti-citizens.
You will need to find the amputating room that's somewhere at the Nexus, If you really can't find it just ask in OOC some unit. Now if you have fined it take your Anti-citizen in there. THE CITIZEN MUST HAVE LEVEL 3 CRIME OR HAVE 12 POINTS TO BE AMPUTATED! Now say that in radio you are going to amputate an citizen. Example: CCA-18.JURY.02-77645 radios in ::> "Amputating Citizen Jordan Clark, For having correcly 12 Points." And you will tell him to sit on the chair, and take your gun and perform something like "/me takes out his 9mm Pistol loading a clip in it and aiming at the citizens head saying "Last words?" after he says his last words you just do "/me shoots him in the head, Killing him instantly."
He cannot resist anymore, Any citizens can't resist while being tied. You're finished you amputated him, Now take the body and take it away.

Public Amputating is quite the same but now you go to plaza with the citizen who did have Level 3 Crime and he must be secured before Amputating starts so you have to notify Units and dispatch something like this. Example: "/dispatch Attention, Citizens. Public Amputation will be procceded in Plaza of City 18." If you can't dispatch just get the citizens to the plaza to watch and while they are there yell what he did and at the end kill him. That's it.
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Arresting Citizens, Adding Points and Public Amputating.
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