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 Crimes List

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Crimes List Empty
PostSubject: Crimes List   Crimes List Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 10:36 am

Level 1:
Citizen talking with other Citizen in public.
Talking with an Unit without permission.

PUNISHMENT: Beating, +1 Point.

Level 2:
Attepted Murder of an Unit
Attepted Murder of an Citizen
Tresspassing to slums
Stealing non-owned items.
Contraband Level 1

PUNISHMENT: Detainment for 4 cycles (20 Minutes), +6 Points.

Level 3:
Murder of an Unit
Murder of an Citizen
Tresspassing to Nexus
Tresspassing to Administrators Office.
Resisting the Combine (Resistance, Rebellion and spraying Resistance Logos on walls.)
Contraband Level 2

PUNISHMENT: Public Amputation, +12 Points.

NOTE: 12 Points = Amputation.
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Crimes List
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